July 25 – 26th  2019:  Toy play and Marker Cues Seminar (Canberra)

Seminars run for 8 hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM). There will be a short morning and afternoon break, with a 60 minute lunch period. 

This is a deposit to confirm your spot. We will update you with the full price once we finalise flights etc. Total cost $245

LOCATION:1 Morrisset Rd Mitchel act. 

Tea, coffee and water will be available on site. Please bring your own snacks and lunches on both days. 

SPACE: Due to limited space within the venue, only working dogs will be allowed inside the facility.  Extra dogs take up space needed for working teams. If you bring your non-working dog to the seminar it will be expected that your dog will be crated in your car. It is very important that no dogs are allowed off lead or to socialise within the facility. Females in season are not allowed within the facility.

By booking your auditing position you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.