Bookings you control

We have been working hard to create online booking that will make organising a consult easier for you and giving us time to focus on other areas of making our service better. 

Below you will find different booking options. This is version 2.0 of online booking so we are experiencing some.... well excitement right now when the outcome doesn't quite look like my plan but with your help we will continue to improve. 


At Eschol Park

This is my main location and where I have a full array of equipment at my fingertips. 

We have a full set of Toto fit equipment, Henry hottie beds for your pet to rest and recover on as well as a dog specific treadmill. 

This is NOT a vet clinic! It does not sound like one, smell like one and you can be guaranteed that there will be no sitting in a waiting room while your dog becomes more anxious. We have an enclosed yard so your dog can go to the loo before we go inside and have a good sniff of the peemail that has been left by other dogs. 

IMG_3314 (14 of 52).jpg


Interstate trips are now at set locations to minimise travel. You can look at our trips page to book an appointment. 

We regularly visit

WA- Perth and Albany

QLD- Rockhampton, Brisbane and the Gold Coast

VIC- Melbourne

SA- Adelaide

Previous visits have included Tamworth, Launceston, Parkes, Grafton. We are happy to travel to new locations if there is interest. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an interstate visit. 




If we cant meet in person then you can book in a Skype consult! More details about the process can be found here.

You can book in a Skype consult when it is convenient for you.