July 25 – 26th  2019:  Toy play and Marker Cues Seminar (Canberra)

Location and arousal dependent marker cues are becoming a thing! Learn why and how from one of the first trainers to use them in sport.  We’ll practice them on each other first, then teach your dogs the difference between at least two different marker cues and explore the possibilities for improving your communication, along with the why. 

Have a dog that you want to use tugging or chase to reinforce behaviours?  Have a dog that loves to chase, but doesn’t love to bring the toy back?  Have a dog with excellent toy skills but when you ask for obedience or agility skills, it all deteriorates?  This seminar covers how to harness those prey instincts into a reinforcement that you can use in training.  Also included is the concept of different location marker cues. 

Enable your dog to make correct choices in training while avoiding conflict and frustration!

WORKING SPOTS FILLED. Please let us know if you would like to go on the wait list.


  • Changing the way you interact/communicate with your dog to be a more effective and efficient trainer

  • Steps for proper chase and tug games

  • How to add obedience or agility skills to the games

  • Marker words, beyond just yes!

  • Use of Location dependent markers

  • Switching reinforcement (toys to food)

  • Working dog practice


  • Handlers choice on toy work

  • More on tug games

  • Handlers obedience skills

  • Problem solving

  • Handler’s choice if time permits

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