What is it

Contraindications are things that don’t go together, or cause problems together. If a particular therapy would make your pet sick because of a condition they have, or a treatment they are already on, we say that the therapy is contraindicated. 

To me the perfect example is chocolate. I would quite happily eat chocolate every day of the week. But unfortunately for those who are lactose intolerant or celiac, if they eat regular Cadbury Dairy Milk they will end up feeling sick. So for them this delicious chocolate is not a good idea. Dairy Milk is contraindicated for those who are lactose intolerant or coeliac. 

What it means

Lots of therapies we uses, like some medications, massage and rehab have contraindications. That’s why it is important we get a full history from you and know what medications your pet is already on and any treatments they have had before we start treating.

For instance, if your pet is already on steroids they can not have non-steroidals because it will make them sick. Giving non-sterodials is  contraindicated for an animal on steroids.

Contraindications for massage include cancer and infection. 

Certain conditions such as arthritis, heart disease or kidney disease all have contraindications for certain modalities and therapies.

What we do about it

When you first visit us, we will ask you a lot of questions about your pet’s history, the conditions they have and the treatments they are on or have received. We will also undertake a through assessment of your pet. This is so we can structure our treatment plan to avoid any  contraindications that may make your pet sick or cause other issues. 

Dr Jaime Jackson