Medical Management

This piece of jargon is used a lot in Medicine. It is where we can not cure a disease completely and so we use our skills to actively manage symptoms and maintain homeostasis or balance within the body. 

Therapeutic exercise can assist medical management in some chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes. Physical exercises can help control your pets blood values and keep them in a better range, it can stimulate appetite, help control weight and also have a positive mental impact on both your lives. 

More commonly we are contacted about medical management where surgery is either not appropriate or there factors preventing surgery.

  • For example a dog who tears their Cranial cruciate ligament but is unable to go under anaesthesia due to other medical problems. In these cases we can offer treatments to control the signs of this problem and assist you in caring for your pet.
  • Another example is a dog who has been paralysed due to a disc herniation, had surgery but has not regained full neurologic function. They can have great quality of life with active management and potentially assist devices including wheelchairs. 
Dr Jaime Jackson