Conditioning your pet to make them stronger, and less prone to injury.

Conditioning makes your pet stronger, faster, fitter, happier and have a lower risk of injury when doing all the things that they do everyday.

Competition, or even just playing in the backyard, involves repetitive motions that can mean small injuries or imbalances in your pet's structure. These can grow into weaknesses that lead to injury. Conditioning is about identifying those areas that may cause problems in the future and design an exercise program to strengthen those areas. 

If you have a sports dog, we also look at aspects of your dogs performance, looking for areas of weakness. Your exercise program will target these as well, which can lead to improved performance. 

At the consult we will conduct a full assessment of your pet’s structure, their strengths, weaknesses and current fitness level. If you have a sports dog we will talk through your dog's performance (and watch videos if you have any). We will then design an exercise therapy plan to help strengthen any weaknesses, and get their strengths into balance. We will then walk you through the key exercises, so you know exactly what you will be doing. 

We usually recommend at least two or three fitness consults over a six month period. This gives us the ability to asses how our program is working for your pet and make any small adjustments that are needed. After that we aim to see you every 6-12months to screen for early signs of musculoskeletal disease, injury or weakness that can be pro-actively addressed. 

Fitness consults last about an hours. We perform consults at your house or at a variety of locations Australia wide. 

If you think your pet might benefit from a Fitness consult, or just have a question, contact us.