X-Large Dog Bed

X-Large Dog Bed


One X-Large size Henry Hottie therapeutic dog bed, with one cover. You can pick between Polar Fleece or Cotton Drill and a range of colours. 

Dimensions 112 x 93 x 10 (cm)

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Completely filled with 100% Australian-made Thermal Fibres

Double layered providing superb balanced spinal and joint support. 

Perfect for recovering, elderly, arthritic pets. 

SUMMER - place your Henry Hottie Bed on floor boards, tiles or shaded cement. The cool temperature is absorbed by the thermal creating a cool bed and comfortable sleep. Ensuring the bed insert is encased in a 100% Cotton Cover will encourage airflow throughout the thermal layers.

WINTER - If the flooring of your home is not carpeted then place a rug or towel under your Henry Hottie to obstruct airflow. Use a Polar Fleece Henry Hottie Bed Cover to trap the warmth generated when the pet lays on the bed. This will truly created a warm, cosy haven for your beloved to sleep on.

Bed is best hosed down to ensure layers stay perfectly in place.

Additional Covers are can be purchased separately and come in a range of colours and fabrics.

Cotton Drill

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Polar Fleece