XXL- Dog Bed

XXL- Dog Bed


One XXL size Henry Hottie therapeutic dog bed, with one cover. You can pick between Polar Fleece or Cotton Drill and a range of colours. 

Dimensions 120cm X 150cm X 15cm


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These beds are unlike anything else on the market!

XXL Beds are constructed using 2 layers of dense thermal fibres. The bed base is made of a specially designed thermal fibre, capable of holding over 100kg in weight. The top layer is a less dense thermal fibre combination. This top layer is very simialr to the comfort layer on a high-end human bed. 

Giant breeds need all the support they can get. Joint problems can often surface around 2 yrs which makes a Henry Hottie XXL bed essential from a young age.

An XXL bed is very big and allows the giant breed to fully stretch out without losing vital support around the head, neck and lower back. 

An XXL bed comes with a Cover designed like a fitted sheet. This ensures easy removal. 

Our beds will never lose their loft (height) 

Additional covers can be ordered on the website http://www.henryhottie.com/covers/

A summer cover and separate winter cover are recommended as a minimum.

The Henry Hottie Facebook page has a wonderful collection of photos from very happy Giant Breed customers.

Cotton Drill

colours drill.jpg

Polar Fleece