KONG Quest Foragers Dumbell

KONG Quest Foragers Dumbell


KONG Quest Foragers are a triple threat: adorable, stimulating and fun. These toys are designed to be stuffed with treats to simulate natural foraging behaviors and extend treat time. As an added benefit, Quest Foragers clean teeth and massage gums while dogs work on getting their treats out.

  • Distinct treat compartments offer enticing challenges
  • Exciting grip-texture creates unpredictable movement
  • Unique treat-dispenser ignites natural foraging instincts
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Make it a challenge for your pet to get treats with the KONG Quest Foragers! 

Your canine will love playing with their food when their favourite treats are tucked inside the Quest Foragers. These fun treat-dispensing dog toys give your canine’s brain a boost and helps develop their mind while indulging in their natural foraging instinct. Each Quest Forager toy has unique openings to put treats inside. As your dog bites and chews on the toy to reach their treasure, the KONG toy helps clean their teeth and massage their gums, promoting better dental health. For a more fun, challenging, and entertaining way to keep your pet occupied, get the KONG Quest Foragers! This toy is available in three different designs: dumbbell, quad, and flower.


  • Mentally stimulating treat-finding toys for dogs
  • Features openings to stuff treats inside toy and encourage pet’s foraging instincts
  • Helps lengthen treat time and challenges your pet
  • Easy on your dog’s teeth and jaw when biting on toy