Rehabilitation Consult

This is the option for you if your pet has had an injury, has had surgery or is just not quite right. It might be a hop, or a bit of a limp, or just not wanting to play as much as they normally do. 

The aim is to ensure your pet heals correctly and transitions back to normal life. We expect them to regain full function and get back to enjoying life without limitations. We want your pet to be at maximum happy!

At your initial rehabilitation consult, we will do a full assessment of your pet to determine what is going on and make sure that we are treating the whole animal. We will also talk through your short and long term goals and then outline a treatment plan to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

We will than complete any treatments that may be required at the time before walking you through an exercise plan that you can take home and work on with your pet. 

All of our rehabilitation consults include follow up email and phone support. So you can get help and feedback in-between your in-person consults. 

A number of consults will likely be necessary to fulfil the plan. Each follow-up consult will involve re-evaluation, treatments and amendments to your exercise plan to keep your pet progressing. 

Call us on 0429 443 314 or email us to make a booking, or discuss if a rehabilitation consult it right for your pet.