Our Team

Here are the great people that make up our team at Primal Paws. 


Dr Jaime Jackson - BVSc CCRT 

Dr Jaime has been actively involved in dog sports and training humans and their dogs for the past decade

Jaime's dogs have Championships, Flyball, Herding, Obedience and Endurance titles and have also participated in Rally O, Tracking and Agility. They also keep her company around the house and keep her feet warm at night.

This unique background gives her the real life understanding of the physical requirements we place on our dogs and how to capture their full potential a ensuring both you and your dogs have fun. 

Jaime has travelled internationally to study rehabilitation and conditioning and completed her Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy in the USA. She has also interned in Sweden, Finland and the USA in rehab practices. 

This year she also complete her Fear Free Certification. 

Brendan Giles 

Brendan looks after the administration at Primal Paws.

Brendan has trained and competed with his dogs in conformation, flyball, agility and rally, but his true love is cuddling up with one on his lap.

Brendan is also a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist and occasionlly helps out with treatments and massages at Primal Paws events.