Check In

Pets need regular assessments to check for sub-clinical (not yet showing signs) problems that can develop into an injury or functional change if not treated. I can’t imagine people as active as the average dog managing to be completely pain free year after year without a few tweaks. As humans we can tell someone that we have a niggle or a twinge, and even if we don't see a professional many of us will consult Dr Google. 

But pets cant and often won’t tell us when there is a minor strain or some stiffness. Instead they compensate, until eventually they begin showing signs and the problem ‘become clinical’.

I strongly recommend all active pets (and especially sporting dogs) have a Check In every six months. This is no ordinary physical exam and can’t be replicated by someone who has training in just one aspect of canine sports medicine. 

Continuity in these Check Ins is vital. Looking for changes from one Check In to the next is a key early indicator for issues that will develop into injuries if not dealt with. 

We will complete:

  • A Functional Exam - this includes checking gait, flexibility and proprioception.
  • A Physical Musculoskeletal Exam - which includes checkingyour pets joints and muscles

We then provide you with some quick and simple treatments that you can use in-between Check Ins to help keep your pet in great condition. 

I want you to get really boring results - because that means that everything is working as it should be. If something is found then we can discuss the best course of action and go from there.

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