Prevention is cheaper, easier and more fun than cure! Setting your pup with excellent posture and economical muscle patterns from the day you get them stops bad habits from developing. They learn how to use their body through fun games that also help them be polite members of your family.


Puppy Consult


This is aimed at pups from 8 weeks of age - 9 months of age. This is an age where there is a great deal of neuroplasticity and we can create great habits that they will benefit from their entire life. We can catch minor injuries, strengthen weaknesses and most importantly teach them how to use their body efficiently. We will go through general safe puppy exercises and then chose some that will set them up for their future stardom- be it foot warmer to agility super star. 





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Puppy classes

We have started puppy classes for groups of young dogs (and their owners) so we can combine physical exercise with learning focus and engagement in the presence of other puppies working. These are fun, involve laughing as well as learning. Pups end up having to really think about what their whole body is doing and when it goes pear shaped we end up with adorable oopses. These are designed to be low risk to help them learn and avoid this errors when the stakes are high and the risk of injury is greater. 





Litter assessment

We look at litters before they even leave the breeder to assess their structural strengths and weaknesses. This is best done from 7-8 weeks of age and allows allocation of puppies to the most appropriate home based on structure and temperament. Weaknesses can then start to be addressed and ensure you can guide their new owners to meet their needs appropriately. We can also health check, Vaccinate and Microchip your litter at the same time.  

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