We don't just want you to walk away with the HOW to condition your dog- we want you to know WHEN to choose different exercises WHY you should choose them and WHAT you should be looking for when your dog is performing the task. 

Group learning can bring a whole new experience to conditioning your dog, knowing how to keep them safe and what do if you think your dog may have a problem. We have some standard seminars with dogs as well as a few without dog but we are open to requests! 

We prioritise safety and fun over flash. 

The information and exercises you learn will allow you to incorporate conditioning and fitness into everyday life without needing lots of equipment, time or organisation. It will be sustainable and you will feel confident in assessing your dogs form. 

Working spots: Max 8, $60pp

Auditing spots: $30

Time: Seminars last 2-2.5 hours. Any longer and the human and canine brains start to get a little overwhelmed!


Foundations 1

Foundations one is the start of your canine conditioning journey. You'll learn about how to asses your dog so you know how they are doing, and can catch issues before they turn into big problems.

You'll learn about propreoception. Which is a fancy word for body awareness. Find out, if your dog knows where it's body is and how it keeps it there. You'll also learn ways to improve your dogs propreoception so that they can move safety through life.

You'll learn about active stretching. Active stretches are stretches where you move into them rather than static stretches. They are a safer and more awesome way of stretching.

Foundation strength work. Learn the basic exercises to get your dog strong and keep them that way. A set of safe, easy to do exercises that you can use to keep your dog strong throughout their life.


Foundations 2


Foundations two builds on what you (and your dog) learned in Foundations 1.

You'll learn about anatomy and how that effects your dog. This will give you an even better understanding of your dog and allow you to assess your dog better.

We'll also cover more advanced stretching and strength exercises. A more advanced set of exercises that you can use to keep your dog fit and strong.

You'll learn about warm up and cool down and why it is important and how to do it properly.

Finally we will cover massage and the use of hot and cold packs to make you puppy feel awesome all the time. 



Some of the other Seminars we would like to present to you

Jumping fit
Work through the mechanics of how a dog jumps. From there we can test your dogs ability to perform each piece of the jumping action. We can improve your dogs flexibility, strength and proprioception to keep them safe and improve their performance.

Cornering/wrapping and turning
We know doing lots of reps of wrapping at speed can be hard on your dogs body, so we break down the actions into tiny pieces that we can practice little to no impact. Ensure your dog can perform safely and efficiently.

Box turns and single striding

Flyballers spend lots of time perfecting box turns and single strides between jumps but to achieve these successfully the dog needs to be exceptionally fit, have great proprioception and understand how to use their body to perform the behaviour. Rather than using props we focus on thinking outside the box to show your dog how to perform these behaviours and ensure they are strong enough to complete them. 

Collection and extension
It takes a lot of strength to be able to move between collection and extension. We should teach this skill and ensure your dog understands how to perform this behaviour and is physically capable of achieving this. It is also a great way to keep your dog at peak fitness.

Warm up/cool down
Understand why we warm up and cool down our dogs. Work out when we need to do them, and as a group design appropriate exercises to be used based on individual sports and dogs.

The act of massage will bring you and your dog closer together and improve your dogs musculoskeletal health. You will learn a variety of techniques and learn when they are appropriate to use.

Using equipment
This seminar is all about the equipement. Bring yours along so you can learn how to use it safely and effectively. Learn what you should be looking for and critically analyse what muscles are beng strengthened.
To get the most out of this class your dog should be able to stand for 1minute with a straight top line without Shuffling their feet. Sit square with a straight top line.

On the flat
ALthoguh equipment is fun you don’t NEED it to give your dog a complete work out. With the exception of a few props that you will find around the house this class is all about being able to exercise your dog whenever and wherever you want without a heap of bits and pieces.