Consults are where we spend one-on-one time with you and your pet. These are the types of consults we currently offer. If you aren't sure which consult would suit your pet, please call or email us, and let us know a bit about your pet and your goals, so we can work out what approach will best suit you. 


Rehabilitation Consult

1 hour - $120.00

If your pet has had an injury, or recently had surgery, this is the option for you.  We focus on assessing the root cause of the injury and tailoring a therapy plan to get them back to their best as fast as possible. 

All our rehabilitation consults include ongoing email and telephone support as required. 

The Check In

45 mins - $90.00

The check in is for ever pet. We recommend and annual musculoskeletal assessment for every pet (and bi-annual for sports dogs). 

We will conduct a complete musculoskeletal assessment of your pet and provide you on a report on their strengths and weaknesses as well as a few exercises to get you started. 

The earlier a problem is caught, the quicker we can start working to fix it, many problems start small and are immediately noticeable, we’ve designed the Check In to catch these. 

Conditioning Consult

1 hour - $120.00

If you’d like your pet to be stronger, faster, fitter, happier and have a lower risk of injury while doing all the things that they do everyday, this is the consult for you. 

We will look at your pet’s structure, their strengths and their weaknesses and design an exercise therapy plan that helps you keep them in peak condition. 

All our Conditioning Consults include ongoing email and telephone support as required.