Primal Paws is now available via Skype



Australia is a big country, and Primal Paws can only visit so many places, so we have decided to launch Skype Consults, letting you have a consult anywhere any time. 

Obviously a consult where we can put hands on your dog is the gold standard, but this isn't always possible. A consult on Skype is the next best thing.  While we can't touch and fell your dog, we can use functional tests, posture and their response to treatment to guide their rehabilitation program. 

There are some additional requirements for these consults to ensure your pet receives the most appropriate treatment:

  • You need to be able to use Skype!

  • I will need your pet's full history from your Veterinarian with a physical exam performed for the current problem. If your dog does not have a specific injury or problem then a recent physical exam to allow us to create a Fitness Program that will be safe and appropriate.

  • In some cases I may need further imaging or request that your Veterinarian perform specific manual tests based on history or what I see during the consult.


How the does this work?

We will spend 40 minutes live on Skype consult. Initially we will discuss history and goals. Then we will move onto assessment of your pets physical capabilities. Please have treats available to assist in showing them what behaviours we would like to perform. 

I will then design an exercise plan tailored specifically to your pet, demonstrate the exercises with my own furry model, and send them to you as a PDF. 

Over the following weeks I would like you to send video's of your pet performing these activities so I can review and make changes if necessary. 

Please contact us to start the process today.