July 21st 2019:  Heeling - Creating a Shaped Motivated Heeling Picture Workshop (Sydney)

Shade covers how to create the highly motivated heeling picture that she is known for using toy reward and food.  Working dogs and handlers that will get the most out of this one day workshop are expected to have a solid operant shaping foundation, to have a dog that brings back and outs a toy with no conflict, and to be of a highly motivated personality.  However, beginners are more than welcome to apply.  

Handler’s Choice if there is time.

For those students interested in the seminar and wanting learn more about how Shade develops Toy Play from the ground up, her online class “FE130: Toys – Developing Cooperation and Play” is being offered online through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, starting Apr 1st 2019.  More information and how to enrol can be found at www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com.

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A BIG THANKS to Kim Dawson for being the main organiser of this event!!

Have questions? You can email jaime@primalpaws.com