Titre Testing


Titre testing is the only general medical procedure done at Primal Paws. We do this to ensure our dogs and your dogs are safe when we take them to dog sport events and to the local park. 

We currently test for Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Distemper. 

Titre testing (dont stress about calling it a tight-ter or a teet-ter) involves taking a small amount of blood from your dog and checking the level of antibodies your dog has floating around in their blood.

Positive titres indicate that your dog can respond quickly to an infection and minimise shedding of the disease into the environment. This is important to make sure your dog stays safe. It also protects dogs that can not be vaccinated- being too young or too old, having an immune condition or those not able to respond to the vaccine (can not seroconvert).

Negative titres show that your dog is not currently protected against the disease. This allows you to quickly vaccinate your pet to ensure they are kept safe. 

We hope that by performing titre testing we can reduce the number of pets suffering from diseases that can be prevented with vaccination. It gives peace of mind with your elderly dogs at home and when you are socialising your future star. 

This does not replace your annual health check with your veterinarian. We recommend discussing your results with your veterinarian to ensure you have adequate coverage for your area. 

Titre Tests are $60

If you are interested in having your dog titre tested, please contact us.