Day 1 Combo - The Puppy Pack

Day 1 Combo - The Puppy Pack


A great set of Totofit gear to get your puppy started off on the right paw.

This set includes:

1 x K9-Kore Disk with Base

1 x K9-Kore Wedge

1 x K9-Kore Roller

Normally $235 - Get it today for ONLY $215 a $20 saving!

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K-9 Kore Disk with Base

The TotoFit K-9 Kore Disk with a solid base is another fundamental piece of equipment for use in individual fitness programs and in all clinics or centers focusing on canine health.  It is a safe and strong piece of equipment that remains universally balanced while allowing for different levels of difficulty.

K-9 Kore Wedge

The K-9 Kore Wedge offers a variety of incline and decline surfaces to work on proprioception, balance and strength for a variety of dogs. It may be used for targeted exercises working on specific muscle groups inclusive of the iliopsoas, abdominals, spinal extensors, and individual forelimb and hind limb strengthening.

K9-Kore Roller

This is a fun piece of equipment with so many applications, and a level of difficulty that is deceiving!   Work the front legs by placing them on the roller and rolling it slowly back and forth; work the hind legs in the same way.  Increase the challenge by placing opposite legs on an uneven surface at varying heights!