Nubby Infinity

Nubby Infinity


The Nubby Infinity is a fun and safe alternative to working with the regular Infinity. It is made of our standard quality material, but offers a wonderful textured surface that allows the dog to work on its core strength, balance and proprioception, as well as digital and foot strength.

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Dogs of all ages and conditions can safely work on the Nubby Infinity. Puppies may work on their texture adjustment as well as their strength, and the added grip gives them the confidence to move around on it.

Dogs with neurological impairments can benefit from the added texture of the nubby Infinity, as it promotes sensory integration and provides a gentle massage when rocked.  Senior dogs will also benefit from the added texture and strength. And performance dogs will be able to work their core, balance and proprioception while focusing on the strength of their feet and toes.

Read more about exercises you can do with your Nubby Infinity here.

MAXIMUM WEIGHTS:  The Nubby Infinity can hold a recommended maximum of 120 kg.  It has been machine tested to 300 kg but the recommended maximum should not be exceeded.

INFLATION:  the diameter shown on the plastic bag label should not be exceeded, 50 cm.  Remove the plug and inflate with a pump using the adapter provided.   Inflate at room temperature away from sharp objects.  It is best to inflate in stages until maximum diameter is reached.

Nubby Infinity is 71cm long when inflated.