Video Analysis


A picture may tell a thousand words, but it also only shows a moment in time, video can show the truth that your dog is hiding.

We want every dog, whether a canine athlete or the family pet to be at their best. Even dogs that look fine can be hiding physical limitations that we can help with. 

We want you to submit videos of your pet, either competing or just being themselves. With these videos we detect subtle issues and let you know if your dog needs further assessment. 

Often subtle problems can be found by assessing your dog's movement in slow motion. We can see the subtle ways that they are compensating or where their weaknesses are. I have always done this during consults, however to improve service across Australia we are now offering this to everyone at any time. Just send us a video. 

Video analysis can help you make the jump to a full consult. Or it may show areas where your dog is physically weak. I want to be clear- this does not replace a hands on assessments but it can help determine if it is safe for your dog to keep playing sport and how quickly they need to be seen. 

Your first video analysis is FREE.

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