Working positions

July 21st 2019:  Heeling - Creating a Shaped Motivated Heeling Picture Workshop (Sydney)

Please fill out the form below to apply for a working position. These will be allocated in order of meeting Shade’s requirements and in order of application.

We will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted for a working position, or if we have already filled positions.

Total cost $250

Seminars run for 8 hours (8:00AM – 5:00PM). There will be a short morning and afternoon break, with a 60 minute lunch period. 

LOCATION: ATARO Training Facility: 137 Bennett Rd, Londonderry NSW 2753

Tea, coffee and water will be available on site. Please bring your own snacks and lunch. 

SPACE: Due to limited space within the venue, only working dogs will be allowed inside the facility.  Extra dogs take up space needed for working teams. If you bring your non-working dog to the seminar it will be expected that your dog will be crated in your car. It is very important that no dogs are allowed off lead or to socialise within the facility. Females in season are not allowed within the facility.

By booking your auditing position you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Is my dog suitable for this seminar? 

Your dog will need to be comfortable and well behaved in a moderately crowded space with the presence of other dogs and people. While we have limited enrolments to avoid excessive crowding, other dogs and people will be nearby.  If you are working through uncontrolled reactivity or aggression then this is not a suitable environment as it is not fair to your dog or to other dogs who need to feel safe to perform their best.

Beginners are welcome!

Students who will get the most out of this seminar are ones that have either prior knowledge of me through past seminars or online classes. Dogs that would do best are ones with a little drive, that are comfortable in public trying new things, and crate well without stressing . 

Dogs will usually work 4-5 minutes each session, multiple times throughout the day.  Dogs are worked individually, so reactive dogs can be accommodated provided they can be crated without excessive noise.