Your first consult 

Thanks for booking a consult for your pet with Primal Paws. We can’t wait to see you.

If you haven’t been to a consult before then please read on. If you have been to a Primal paws consult , but not with this pet please fill out the pet below


Before the consult

1- Please pack treats- also known as bribes!! We need them to communicate what we want to your pet and help them relax during the consult. If your pet LOOOOVES food then go for a treat that is going to get their attention but not send them too crazy. If your pet can get a little anxious, or isn't very interest in food please bring the most amazing treats ever like cheese or chicken.

2- To save time in the consult please fill out these forms for you and your pet/s. This is particularly important for anxious pets so we don’t become distracted!

Client Form (Once for you). 

Pet Form (Once for each Pet)

3- Please ask your general Veterinarian to email us your pets history at jaime@primalpaws.com.


The consult itself

Each consult varies a little in how things work. This reflects your pets preference.

If you have an excitable pet then we will start with a functional assessment. How they use their body for common activities such as walking, sitting, standing.
If your pet is more of a smocher then we will start with the physical exam before moving onto the functional exam. Your pet can chose if they want to stand up, sit down or even lay down. Your job is to help them feel comfortable by talking to them, giving treats and patting them.

I will let you know what I am finding and how it fits in with your pets signs and history.Where necessary I will perform manual therapies to your pets tolerance. We aim to not make your pet feel too uncomfortable or scared. They can move away or have a break if necessary.

The final part of the session involves designing and exercise program that will help your pet improve. It will target weak muscles, joints that are not moving properly and reduce any pain or discomfort they are feeling.

In some cases I will make recommendations about medications that your dog may need, or may need in the future. We may also recommend further imaging at your regular vet.