At all Life Stages

My last article showing how subtle the signs of future problems can be,was VERY popular. Since I am just like a dog, when I get rewarded by lots of hits on my web page and shares on Facebook, I quickly sit down to try and get my reward again, by writing another blog!!

In the same theme I hope that this blog shows people that you don’t even need a subtle sign to indicate that your pet could benefit from rehabilitation and conditioning.  We can add something to the life of every dog to make it happier, empower you and strengthen your relationship.

So I have picked a few life stages to show how rehabilitation and conditioning can be used at different times in you dogs life with different focuses and goals in assessment and treatment.


Puppies are still forming bones, joints and connective tissue. Choosing to actively mold your puppy through therapeutic exercise is a great way to make sure they are forming correctly so they are set up for an amazing life. It also means that active puppies can do lots of physical activity that is safe and exercises their brain as well as their body. I strongly disagree with people that advocate blanket limitations on physical exercise for young puppies. They are individuals and we WANT them to exercise, be strong and set up a good foundation for life. Sitting quietly and being overly restrictive doesn’t achieve this. A rehabilitation practitioner can help you be safe whole having fun and ensuring the best start in life for your puppy.


Adolescents need to be practicing correct posture and not learning bad habits. We can begin to have even more fun when puppies get a little older. They should have good foundations in balance and co-ordination, and if they don’t yet then we need to start! We can multi-task with skill building for future sports and being a wonderful companion so you get the most bang for your time. Yes this applies to dogs who's future lies in foot warming, they need to be flexible to curl around your legs during winter!!


Dogs in their prime are likely to get tight muscles. The delight that you experience when having a lovely neck massage and stretch out is something that your active dog will also enjoy. For dogs competing in sports we can improve performance and work through training issues that may be the result of your dog not quite knowing how to use its body in the right way. We can also give you low impact and stress exercises to maintain your dogs fitness without putting undue stress on their body. For the foot warmers and backyard soccer players, we can give you new games to play and fun challenges to work on. These games are perfect for wet soggy weather, or heat waves, to leave your dog satisfied and as happy as they are after a run on the beach.


In the elderly population we want to ensure we are maintaining fitness and function so they can enjoy all the activities they did as a puppy. Dogs shouldn’t slow down and loose the spark in their eyes As they get older. They should still get to enjoy their games of fetch, or climbing up onto the bed to hog it. We don’t retire old dogs from life, we give them new, modified challenges and tests to battle their will against and win. If your dog loves an activity then we will work with you to keep that activity in their life. To keep their tail wiggling and a smile on their face. It is all about having as much fun with them as you did when you first saw them sit when asked, chase a ball, or tug on a toy.


We love seeing dogs of all ages. We love setting goals and helping you and your dog achieve them. We love seeing your dog grow and mature and we love seeing them still being amazing in their twilight years. Rehabilitation and conditioning isn't just for dogs with problems, it is for dogs.

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Dr Jaime Jackson