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Welcome to the new Primal Paws shop. Where we offer a ranger of collections of awesome products that we love and use everyday with the Primal Paws team. For every collection we offer, we source a range of options, test them all with out dogs and our clients, and then pick only the ones we love the most. 


New Shipment has Arrived!

We are incredibly excited to offer the TotoFit K-9 Fitness product range in Australia.

The TotoFit range is durable, high quality and Phthalate Free. We have been using these products for about a year- they have passed the Kelpie test and the Jaime test (for reference the life proof phone case lasts about 6mths with Jaime and Kelpies involved).


Planet dog

Amazing toys for tough chewers and those with delicate mouths. Fun treat toys for all levels of enthusiasm.



To maintain healthy joints and brain you need to feed your dog the right nutrients.



Vegetable based chews. Great for dogs who need something to do with their mouths other than barking!



Make meal times more challenging with food toys that keep your cat moving and thinking.