America Part 3 - New Heights

I had so much fun while on the CRI course, but I also wanted to ‘see it in practice’ before I headed back to Australia. So, I spent my last week in America in Maryland at the Veterinary Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group, known as VOSM.

VOSM is a specialist veterinary practice  with an amazing team, a wealth of experience and the equipment to make amazing outcomes happen. 

You can have as much theory as you want, but it is putting that theory to good use that brings great results. By using science and evidence based practice, the team at VOSM are able to diagnose the ‘undiagnosable’ and develop treatment plans that get amazing results.

While I always aim to have clients with injuries leave my care feeling amazing, it was great to experience another practice with the same goals. Great care starts with a clear diagnosis, that is often something that my clients don’t have when they arrive on my doorstep. My time at VOSM only reinforced my belief in the importance of a correct diagnosis.

A clear takeaway from my time at VOSM was the power of diagnostic imaging. Being able to look at the muscles, ligaments, tendons and capsules and visualising the changes occurring allows targeted treatments, that lead to remarkable outcomes. 

For instance, it allowed for the correct diagnosis of  a dog with intermittent skipping lameness (Which wasn’t caused by a luxtating patella or stifle instability)  which allowed for a much more targeted treatment program.

Another example was a musculoskeletal ultrasound identifying tearing of the patella femoropatellar ligament, causing unilateral medial luxating patella. And in another case changes to the suprispinatus tendon that was previously not identified on physical exam.

I really enjoyed my time at VOSM and learn a lot what will help be fulfil my goal of happy, strong animals, living life to the full. Animals that run after a soccer ball with the kids, lope along the beach or tear it up in the agility ring all deserve to be free of pain and physical limitations. That is what Primal Paws is all about.

Dr Jaime Jackson