American Again

Finding time for a second trip to america this year wasn’t easy, but it turned out to be super worthwhile. This time I spent three more weeks visiting rehabilitation clinics and studying with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.

My first week was spent at the awesome University of Georgia, where I was able to shadow Dr Sam. It was wonderful to see a surgeon valuing the benefits of rehabilitation, and utilising it to ensure the best possible outcome for orthopaedic patients. I also had the opportunity to visit the neurology department to play with some puppies who needed help to get back onto their feet.

I hope that 2016 will see some more people finding their way to me after their pet has surgery. Ideally I like to work with pets from the time they finish closing the wound through to getting your pet back to enjoying a life to the full.

My second week I filled my mind to over flowing with excellent new techniques and ideas on how best to practice rehabilitation and conditioning. It was the final course in my Certificate of Canine Rehabilitation and the most astounding yet. I finished inspired and empowered to bring these techniques and protocols back to Australia to improve the standard of care being offered in Australia.

My third week was the awe-inspiring icing on the cake. I enjoyed an internship at PUPrehab with Sheri Sprague. With her amazing canine support crew I got to experience some of the best rehabilitation and conditioningpractice in the world. Sheri helped me work on the details of my manual therapy skills and also exposed me to some fantastic ideas about how I can improve the service that Primal Paws offers here in Australia.

We will be rolling out some changes to the services at Primal Paws and some awesome new initiatives over the next three months.

Dr Jaime Jackson