Communication is Key - Between the Humans

Success can only be achieved when there is a measuring stick. So clear communication between the owner and the practitioner  (in any situation) it is vital to ensure that the goal we are aiming for is SMART. Yup as much as I have wanted to poke people in the eye when they have stressed the acronym to me I now realise just how vital it is to my relationship with my human clients, to get the best possible outcome for their companions.


SMART Goals are:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Realistic

T- Time dependent


These goals are never set in stone. Animals do not always read the same manual that I have, nor can we predict the future, but it is super important that goals are discussed at the start so that we are on the same page. It allows us to set realistic expectations and design a pathway toward the outcome they are looking for. 


Sometimes I do have to be hard about what we can achieve and what is possible to achieve. I can not give your pet a new joint if they have arthritis, but I can help you keep them comfortable, set up a pain management plan and mitigate further damage. Nor can I be responsible for your pets every day treatments - talking to me about what you can physically do with your pet, and the time you have available will assist us in setting a plan that works for you ant you will be able to follow through with. 


I am here to support you throughout our time together. Email, phone calls and face to face meetings are all points of contact that you can take advantage of once your pet is one of my clients. If you have questions or discomfort with the goals or plans at any stage, or if you want to start up a plan toward getting your pet their first consultation contact me. I don’t bite :) 


Dr Jaime Jackson