Reactive pets that need help

So your animal is not the most social or people friendly individual?

I own a dog who only likes people that he has gone for a walk with, so I can understand and relate to the frustration of owning a pet that is difficult for others to work with. I also understand fearing being judged when you take your pet to the vet for treatment and the stress of trying to advocate the least stressful process for your dog or cat. Despite all this, I still love my Bookie Boo, even if he doesn't love everyone else.

At Primal Paws I want to work with you to ensure your pet gets the best possible care in a non-judgemental environment. While it means assessment may take a little longer and have a few modifications, I can still help your special companion to feel the best they possibly can.

I am even able to do assessments without touching your pet, such as gait analysis and functional analysis of them performing different exercises.

Then comes the fun part. This usually involves me crawling around the floor showing you the exercises that I want you to do with your pet. And yes I have been filmed doing these demonstrations complete with sound effects. 

I don’t want you or your pet to feel uncomfortable during therapy. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your pets individual needs and idiosyncrasies then feel free to email or call me so we can work out a plan together. I also have access to a large variety of behaviourists and trainers that will be able to assist us to maximise your pets quality of life. 

Our facility at Box Hill is wonderful for dogs who need space and respect. You can arrive early for your appointment and acclimatise. I can also work with you in the great out doors rather than squeezing into a tiny clinic if that makes your pet feel more comfortable. I can also guarantee that you won't have to sit in a cramped waiting room for an hour waiting for your appointment with dogs and humans walking around you, stressing both you and your companion out.

For the shyer dogs at-home consults might be the way to go. Less distraction and the comfort of their normal environment will give them the confidence to work through the new behaviours and enjoy treatments. This is also a good choice for cats that find trips in the car stressful.

Call me today to discuss your pets individual needs on 0429 443 314.

Dr Jaime Jackson