The Gold Coast Wrap-Up

Each time I go outside my own little bubble I plan to write something about my trip once I get home and have a few days to reflect. However, by the time I catch up on everything that happened while I was away and write up programs there is another trip to focus on, my own dogs to train, new clients to look after and life in general, I just never seem to get to it. 

Not this time though…

I spent the last weekend with some wonderful dog levers on the Gold Coast. I was lucky enough to do a bunch of private consults, a seminar and then judge at the inaugural Jetty Jumping completion at All Paws Paradise. It really was a magical weekend that I did not want to end. 

Every single dog that I worked with absolutely glowed with the love and attention their owners had been giving them! As always there were cheaters and some managed to really make me work. But that is the sign of highly intelligent dogs which is just more good news.

Hopefully the Gold Coast crew will be able to share some pictures and videos of their achievements in the coming weeks. 

The seminar was another hit even though we were a little worried that we would all end up stranded and camping out due to the crazy amount of rain. It was a varied group and we got to play gait training games and take off distance training as well as the essential assessment and strength exercises. 

The Jetty Jumping comp included long jump, high jump, speed retrieve and an all rounder award. I currently don’t have a dog jumping, but I am very excited and passionate about the sport.

It won’t take too much longer before I will be entering Demi and I have been encouraging a wooden spoon award since that is where Demi’s talents lie ;)

There were lots of amazing dogs doing wonderful work and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to closely watch them all while I was judging. 

I ended the weekend on a high. Abby was swimming! Abby doesn’t believe that you should ever loose contact with the ground if there is water around. But with some spot on advice and a flotation vest to aid her confidence, Abby was happy for me to tow her out a few meters and she was swimming back to the ramp like an otter. Since Abby has been retired from Flyball I have been struggling to keep her fit but I am confident that getting into the water will make a huge difference and keep her strong and feeling amazing into her golden years. 

I really enjoy these trips and am teasing out information for Victorian and South Australian trips and a return trip to Perth. 

If you aren’t in Sydney and would like me to come visit you, send me an email or a message on Facebook.

Dr Jaime Jackson