Miss Pix

I have just jumped into bed after my first day of puppy wrangling Pix. I am so utterly in love in this little fluffet. But this didn't happen by chance. 

It was 8 or 9 years ago that I met my first Finnish Lapphund. At the time I was wrestling with Abby at agility and didn't think much more of the beautiful Wolf. Fast forward a few years, and a few additional Kelpies and I was thinking about adding another dog. But I had some very specific requirements:

  1. 1-They needed to be wash and wear.
  2. They had to cope with my crazy, energetic Kelpies.
  3. They couldn’t be a dog that had to be constantly ‘managed’ when out and about.
  4. They needed to be good with the family. 

I also wanted something traditionally ‘pretty’ that I could brush and fluff for the show ring. Because I had such specific requirements I decided that I wanted a puppy that could grow up in the crazy environment. I also needed consistency that is achieved by generations of selection. 

I was lucky enough to have been introduced to dogzonline.com.au through my show connections and spent a long time looking at various breeds, and I stumbled back across the Finnish Lapphund. 

Demi is an amazing representative of the breed. She visits nursing homes, preschools and primary schools as well as hospitals. She is a joyous bundle of fluff.

So when thinking of adding in another furry addition, a Lappie was a no brainer. 

This time I had even more requirements with structure and temperament. There are litters quite regularly now, compared to the annual number that were being born when I was looking for Demi. So even though there were more puppies, I wanted to make sure I got the ‘right one’ for me. 

So began an entirely new level of research and carefully watching litters to see if there was something suitable. 

All up the wait for this addition has been approximately two years long. It involved talking to little Miss Pix’s breeder and finding out what her plans were. Talking to her about what the ‘right puppy’ was. Had the right puppy not been in this litter it would have been an even longer wait. Timing wasn't the important factor, it is about having an amazing companion for many years into the future. 


The result is a truly amazing little bundle of fluff who has arrived into my life and has slipped in beautifully. 

Sure there have been tanties, accidents and adjustments but the positives have more than made up for them. 

I plan on sharing more about this delightful little Pixie as she grows up. Because I think she is the most adorable little fluff ball and it only seems fair to share her awesomeness with everyone!


Dr Jaime Jackson