My Abby

I have been writing so many ‘serious’ blogs lately, and spending a lot amount of my time promoting the benefits or rehabilitation and conditioning. While all that is awesome, sometimes you just need to spend some time thinking about the warm and fuzzy’s to re-energise. 

Abby has been my furry driving force for the last ten years. She was chosen for me because she was the chubbiest in her litter, and since I was planning on doing some dog sports she would be kept fit. Her show name is Lyndoor Sleepy Sam, and as with much in my life it should have warned me to expect a fire cracker!

Learning to work with Abby was like jumping into a Ferrari as your first experience of driving. We were both frustrated and spent a lot of time trying to work out how we could work with each other instead of against each other. 

hat was where flyball entered our veins. I was welcomed even though I had a feral, noisy and somewhat out of control Kelpie. It was my first opportunity to harness her drive and direct it toward an activity that I chose. It took us twelve months of my blood, sweat and tears to work out how to explain the sport to my amazing intelligent girl. But by the time wegot into the ring, we had it sorted and she never put a paw wrong. 

From there we have dabbled in agility, obedience, herding, tracking, showing, rally-o and are now working on a dancing with dogs routine. Abby still demands training and often needs to be chased around the house to have a harness put on for a car ride. Abby would be happy to have a ball thrown for her 24/7 and is smart enough to roll if off the lounge herself if no one is up for a game. 

lthough the beginning was hard, she has been such an amazing companion and taught me so much about cheating to get the result you want in harmony with your dog. 

Abby is a well put together, lithe Kelpie. She is on the tall end for a show bitch but is beautifully balanced and has been well muscled throughout her entire life. Abby is also the beautiful girl who brought my other Kelpies into the world. She was a good mum so long as there was food on offer and taught her pups manners and how to have fun. 

Abby is the most amazing Kelpie and I cant believe how the years are flying by, Abby has just turned ten, not that anyone who meets her believes me!!. 

I feel blessed that she is still agile, fit and as ready for work as she was as a pup. She is my constant companion and time spent away from her is time that the sun just doesn't shine as brightly in my world. Abby is a one of a kind crazy kelpie who has been the most amazing teacher I have ever had. I am so grateful to have her snuggle up and hog the bed each night.


Dr Jaime Jackson