Titre Test Case Studies


We have been offering Titre Testing for the last three years at Primal Paws and we are huge proponents of using Titre Testing to ensure your pet is properly protected against diseases and to avoid giving your pet an unnecessary vaccination.  

The majority of the dogs we have tested came back with positive results that indicate that they have responded appropriately to their vaccination and have a level of antibodies that will protect them from becoming unwell. In these cases, further vaccination isn’t necessary and an unnecessary vaccination is avoided. 

However, there are other benefits to Titre Testing. We’ve picked a couple of case studies where Titre Testing gave us valuable information that helped keep puppies safe.

Case Study 1

A nine month old puppy was brought in for a Titre Test. His owners wanted to see if they needed to give him his next vaccination, which was due at fourteen months. That puppy had received two puppy vaccinations, using an early finish brand, so they had their last vaccination at ten weeks of age. 

Result > Negative for all three core diseases. 

This puppy was at risk of catching Parvo, Hepatitis and Distemper. By Titre Testing at nine months of age, we knew that he wasn’t protected and were able to give a vaccination straight away. We were able to protect the puppy at nine months. Without the Titre Test, this puppy would have been at risk of becoming sick with a potentially fatal disease and shedding it into the environment until he was fourteen months old. 

Case Study 2

A nine month old puppy who was suffering from allergies to pollen, grasses and dust visited us. The puppy had developed four ear infections, had constant itching and was losing fur. She had received three puppy vaccination, finishing at fourteen weeks and was due to receive another vaccination at 15 months. Her specialists had recommended assessing the pup’s immunity status due to her allergies, the puppy’s immune system was already under stress and further stress from vaccination was best avoided. She came to us for a titre test and had results within 48 hours.  

Result > Strong positive for all three core diseases. 

This result meant the puppy did not require vaccination at this point in time and unnecessary additional stress on the puppy’s immune system was avoided. The puppy will be reassessed in one year to re-evaluate their level of protection. 

Titre testing gives us information. We encourage all dogs to be titre tested to ensure they have adequate immunity. Just vaccinating your puppy doesn’t guarantee that they are protected. Most of the time the titre results show that they are protected, but it is the few that come back negative that truely make testing an invaluable tool. Adequate vaccination and antibody levels keep everyone’s dogs safe, reducing the amount of pathogens in the environment. 


Primal Paws offers Titre Testing to asses your puppies antibody levels for Parvo, Hepatitis and Distemper for $60. If you’d like your puppy Titre Tested, get in touch with us at info@primalpaws.com

Dr Jaime Jackson