Sponsoring the 2018 ADAA National Grand Prix

We are super excited to be a sponsoring the ADAA National rand Prix again. We are even more excited to have a couple of our own dogs running this time.

We will be offering a full range of consults at the GP, and have the complete range of TotoFit product on hand for you to test out. You can also pre-order and pick up at the GP to save on shipping.



Treatment Consults ($40, 20m) - for dogs I have seen in the past 6 months who would benefit from manual therapies before and during Nationals to keep them at peak performance. These will not cause discomfort or limit competition.

Assessment+Treatment Consults ($80, 40m) - if i have not seen your dog in the past 6 months your dog will need a short assessment prior to treatment. These will not cause discomfort or limit competition.

Fitness Consults ($120, 1hr) - Once you have finished your runs pop over for a full assessment, any treatments required and a custom exercise plan.

Rehabilitation Consults ($120, 1hr)- hopefully no one needs these! $120

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound ($200) - further diagnostics f needed to assess soft tissue injury.

Titre Testing ($60) - get the confidence of knowing your pet is fully vaccinated, without giving them another vaccination. 




Toto Fit was established to bring equipment, education and knowledge to all dogs and their owners in a safe and affordable manner.

Our goal is to bring the best quality equipment to every owner in order to offer their dog the best quality of life.  Our mission is to advocate safe and simple exercise movements, with an emphasis on quality!

In this ever changing world, quality is often compromised for quantity. Our canine exercise principles have always centered on quality, and we have carried this through to our equipment.

We have personally researched and tested the products, as well as personally met with the manufacturer:  We feel confident we are bringing our customers great quality at an affordable price.

Dr Jaime Jackson