One of the most basic goals of conditioning and rehabilitation is to achieve symmetry. Symmertry means your dog is equally strong across their centre line, that they aren't favouring their left or right side. A lack of symmetry can force your dog to compensate so that they can maintain normal movement and get about their lives.

Luckily, there are some technical tests you can perform with your dog to check their symmetry.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Good Might Not Be Good Enough...

My article on pain not being an acceptable form of restraint is still one of the most popular I have written. To me that is black and white, but how about the shades of grey?

I often chat to owners who tell me their dog feels pretty good. They can run around, play with toys and don't look to be in much pain. And yet I will still discuss pain relief and if we should do a treatment trial with pain meds. Until now I have given it to most owners as an option because.... well it's grey. Their dog is pretty good and happy so why put drugs into their system.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Mind and Body

There is a strong link between physical and mental health in our companion animals.

My hope is that this short article will get you thinking that your pet (or your patients) may not just be being 'naughty' or 'difficult'. They may have a great reason for their behaviour, and since our pets can't tell us what is going on, it's our job to do the work, and find out what the underlying issues is so we can help them.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Things I Would Keep

Safire is now a week out from surgery. She is doing well and getting her spunk back. This is rather stressful for me since she is still supposed to be resting, but she really wants to not be resting.  

Dr Jaime JacksonSafire

Once again I am writing about one of my own puppies.

Last Friday night, Safire was involved in a traumatic incident (for her and the humans) that resulted in her being unable to put her right hind leg on the ground. It was swinging under her body and poking out to the left side. She was still trying to beg and walk though. My gut knew what was wrong although I my brain was madly denying it.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Body Condition Scoring - What is right for your pet?

One of the biggest challenges many owners face when talking about the weight of their pet, is working out what is the 'right' weight for your pet is. There is so much variation based on breeds and even lines and types within those breeds. So instead of focusing on an ideal 'weight' we aim for your pet to have a body condition score of 4 to 5 which you can see in the charts below. This is particularly important for animals that are predisposed to arthritis and young pups to keep them healthy and comfortable throughout life.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Pain Should Never Be Used as a Restraint

In no circumstances should we be refraining from using pain medication because we fear that the dog will feel TOO GOOD and re-injure themselves.

It is unethical and cruel to leave an animal suffering when we have the option to provide pain relief. It is our responsibility, as their carer to take steps to contain an animal that has injured themselves either physically or through the use of chemical restraint, if required.

Dr Jaime Jackson
Is My Dog too Skinny

Finding a happy medium when it comes to weight can be stressful for responsible owners. They know they don’t want their dog to be overweight to take care of their dog's health (link to weight article) but it is hard when you are constantly told that your dog is too skinny when you take them for a walk or even at the local dog club.

Dr Jaime Jackson
CCRT is Official

This is my public service announcement to say that the "I"s are dotted and the "T"s are crossed and I have passed all the requirements for my Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy.

I am only the third Australian to meet these requirements

Dr Jaime Jackson
At all Life Stages

My last article showing how subtle the signs of future problems can be,was VERY popular. Since I am just like a dog, when I get rewarded by lots of hits on my web page and shares on Facebook, I quickly sit down to try and get my reward again, by writing another blog!!

In the same theme I hope that this blog shows people that you don’t even need a subtle sign to indicate that your pet could benefit from rehabilitation and conditioning.  We can add something to the life of every dog to make it happier, empower you and strengthen your relationship.

Dr Jaime Jackson